The Bake Sale

The Chair of the BRS Bake Sale is moving on up in life next year (to be the PTA Treasurer) and guess who she recruited to fill her shoes!  Yup, my good friend and I are officially in charge of next year’s elementary school Bake Sale, one of the PTA’s biggest fundraisers of the year.  Since my co-chair and I have kindergartners and had never been to the Bake Sale before we arrived bright and early yesterday and stayed all the way through till the very end to help, observe, and take notes on just exactly what we got ourselves in to.


It’s one of those events where it doesn’t involve much prep beforehand but on the day-of, holy moly, you’d better be ready to hustle!


Bazillions of cupcakes, piles of cookies taller than me, mounds of rice krispy treats, cheesecakes, rows of cake pops, carrot cakes, pies, fudge, pound cake, coffee cake, banana bread, pumpkin muffins, banana pudding, macaroons, scones, brownies, nut free desserts, gluten free deserts, a silent auction of gift baskets (with more baked goods) prepared by each teacher, and a raffle for the coveted position of “principal for the day…” it is quite the scene!











That cupcake Henry is eating in the above photo?  I made that!  I wasn’t sure how best to help with the day (besides being there to lend a hand to everything) so I went over the top and made as many delicious baked goods to contribute as possible.  My haul (which I brought to school in a wagon… literally) included a cookie cake, Reeses cup cookies, Oreo pops, coffee cake, Lego cupcakes, and Pinkilicious cupcakes (the theme of which was chosen by Henry).












A special shout out to Mark for staying home from work yesterday to wrangle the kids; he worked from home, did Calvin’s PT session with him, brought Kent to and from school, brought the kids to and from the sale (twice!), took the kiddos out to dinner (McDonald’s for the win!), and picked me (and half a dozen giant boxes of supplies for next year’s sale) at the end of the day.  I feel so grateful that I have the chance to do things like this event because of the strong support system that I have at home 🙂

I’m already scheming and planning and Pinterest-ing and looking forward to next May!

Author: LittlestA

Wife to Mark, Mama to Kent, Henry, and Calvin, manager of Type 1 Diabetes, music lover, beer drinker, art do-er, cat wrangler, and DIY enthusiast!

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