Ninja Camp


It’s ski week here and Kent just finished his second (and final) day of ninja camp at our new local ninja gym!  He loved it!  After the first day he was acting strange after and it made me think that he maybe didn’t like ninja camp but he assured me that he definitely wanted to go back for the second day (and, Mommy, why didn’t you sign me up for the third day? :: eyes rolling ::)

At pick up after the first day he came off the mat telling me, “The important thing was that I didn’t give up,” which, in not so many words means that he tried but was unable to do a lot of the obstacles.  I felt sad for him, but proud at the same time for having such a good attitude.  Later he told me that he was the only 5 year old in camp; it was for ages 5+ and at the beginning of class they go around the group and all the kids tell their names and ages… I never try to set Kent up for failure, but definitely in this situation being the youngest person there would have major disadvantages.



In the end, he is happy that he got to go to ninja camp and keeps asking me to sign him up for the weekly classes!

Funny story:  Calvin had physical therapy today at the exact same time that I was supposed to pick up Kent from ninja camp.  First I asked a few friends if they would be able to grab him, but when they were busy I called a friend’s babysitter who we had never met.  Haha, this high-school-aged girl was so sweet and was totally okay with walking into ninja gym carrying Kent’s sequined stuffed dolphin (aptly named “Rainbow Dolphin”).  You see, Kent had never met this girl before and in order to recognize her, I told him to pick one of his stuffed animals for her to be carrying at pick up… he picked the most obnoxious, bedazzled, stuffed animal we own and luckily the girl had a good sense of humor and laughed when I told her the plan.  Bytheway, everything went smoothly and they had no trouble finding each other after camp was over 🙂


Double Well Visits

Double birthdays last week means double well visits this week.


Let’s get straight to the stats:  Henry measured 40 inches and weighed 33 pounds, which puts him at the 50th and 30th percentiles for height and weight.  Just for comparison… at Kent’s 4 year old well visit he measured 42 inches and weighed 41 pounds!  2 inches taller and 8 pounds heavier than Henry!


Calvin measured 30 inches and weighed 19 pounds, 12 ounces, which puts him at the 55th and 25th percentiles for height and weight. At one year old Kent measured 32 inches and weighed 23 pounds, 9 ounces, and Henry measured 29 3/4 inches and weighed 19 pounds.

Though Calvin’s numbers are only slightly bigger than Henry’s, I swear that this guy is larger than Henry was at this age.  Calvin doesn’t fit in any of the clothing that Henry is wearing in pictures from this same time, 4 years ago… I dunno… maybe it’s that big giant head of white hair that makes Calvin look bigger than his brother??  Henry always seemed so petite to us; “petite” is definitely not a word I would use to describe Calvin!


Everything looks well and normal for both boys; Henry passed his vision and hearing exams and Calvin passed his vision test as well and both boys were more than happy to sit still while their new doctor used all of her doctor-stuff to check them out. Henry, per usual got lectured about the importance of healthy eating and I updated the doctor about Calvin’s progress in physical therapy (which is going well, by the way).


Between the two of them, they got 6 shots today.  Henry was upset but didn’t cry (the bag of cookies that left in the car for after the appointment helped a lot there) and Calvin only cried as he was pricked but calmed down as soon as I scooped him up again.  I didn’t know this but Calvin got his first dose of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) today.

Age 1 is standard for the first MMR dose but I hadn’t realized that all this time he was not protected against measles (I listen when the doctors tell me which shots they are giving but can’t remember specifics regarding which ones are given at what age).  I keep reading about all of these measles outbreaks around the US and how un-vaccinated children are more at risk but I didn’t realize that until today I had an un-vaccinated child (and that, unless there are special circumstances, all children under age 1 are not protected from measles).  I’m feeling better now knowing, for sure, that my baby has some protection since it still seems to be going around… !


Oh, and yes, we have a new doctor!  Our beloved pediatrician retired effective December 31 so today was our first time meeting the woman who will be filling her place and good news!  I really really like her.  The boys do too, but sometimes I feel like it’s more important at this point that the doctor is a good match for me since I’m the one with whom she has to do all of the communicating.

Anyway, well visits… check!  Feels good to scratch that one off today’s To Do list 🙂

Sweetheart Week @ Hip Hop

Okay, last Valentine’s Day post, I promise.  At hip hop last week, the parents and siblings were invited in at the end of class to learn a few dance moves.  I’m not sure who was more excited about this:  Kent or Henry.


We got to play freeze dance and I pretty much was dancing by myself because Kent and Henry were seriously breaking it down on the dance floor together, too into their moves to even notice that I was there!  Will I have a second son in dance class next year?!

The kids also gave us a little preview of the routine that they have been working on for the upcoming recital!

Valentine’s Day

The best thing about living in a houseful of boys?  There is a surplus of love on Valentine’s Day ❤




The restrictions on Valentine’s Day treats at Kent’s school are extreme – no food, no candy, no treats, no toys, and no personalized messages… basically he was only allowed to bring 18 blank valentines to give out to his friends.


After a lot of thought, Kent and I came up with these little robot hearts – Kent helped with the cutting and gluing, and he was really excited to draw a different face onto each robot before signing his name.  He was happy with them, so I guess I’m happy too 🙂


Keeping with tradition, the boys brought all of their teachers chocolate roses too 🙂


Henry helped with his cards too – the rules at preschool are a little more relaxed than elementary school.  No food or candy, but toys are okay.


No I did not make the yarn dolls (I found them for cheap on Amazon).  Yes, Henry helped; he was tasked with coloring the background in Valentine’s Day colors.  And yes, I realize that Henry’s valentines have black hearts (Mark asked me about this as I was putting them together) – we both agree that the black heart works for Henry… haha!


I cooked Mark all of his favorite foods for dinner and he (and the boys) brought me my favorite treats 🙂





I hope your Valentine’s Day was full of love and chocolate! ❤