To Catch A Leprechaun

Kent came home from school last week asking me a million questions about faeries and stone circles and magical flute music and shamrocks and Ireland…. turns out the school librarian taught the kids all about the fun and magic and tradition surrounding St. Patrick’s Day. Kent was especially enthralled by the mischievous tricks of the leprechaun (and his pot of gold) and had since been working hard at creating plans for his leprechaun trap. Yesterday he spent hours putting it together…..

A couple of notes about the final product…. Kent glued paper to the outside to make it extra colorful (because he knew leprechauns really like rainbows), the bait inside the trap was a tiny green top hat (that he came home from school with), and he spent a very long time thoughtfully illustrating the interior (so that when the leprechaun was trapped inside, at least he would be comfortable).

The next day…..

The little bastard got away!

The boys were happy that he left behind pot-of-gold cookies and cake pops though 😉 (which they ate for breakfast!). I think Kent is actually afraid of leprechauns and was terrified for a second that we might have really caught one… I think finding treats inside of the box instead of a tiny red-headed man was a huge relief!

We spent the rest of the day brunching with friends and their kids. More than one time I overheard Kent telling his buds all about how the leprechaun used magic to blow a hole through the side of his trap!


We had a major thunderstorm here tonight and when Kent was asking to get out of bed and come downstairs we told him to get in Henry’s bed to snuggle with him until it was over.

The storm has been over for hours (it’s 10:30P now), but look what we just found in Henry’s bed:

Brothers forever ❤️

The New Calvin

I’m not sure how much I’m liking Calvin’s new thing that he does when we go to the gym….. 15 minutes into my zumba class I noticed a Kids Center worker lurking in the doorway, looking at me. Sure enough, he was there to fetch me to collect Calvin (who had been screaming his head off for the whole 20 minutes that he’d been there)!

Of course the minute Calvin saw me walk through the door he stopped crying….

When my cardiologist asks me why I no longer exercise, I’m going to show him the above photo and tell him that it’s not my fault!!!

The Cheese

Today at the grocery store Calvin was happy to hold the brick of cheddar while riding around in the shopping cart. At one point I saw him gnawing on it and figured that the soft, cold, block felt good on his gums. Next time I looked over he was chewing and swallowing…………..

The little Calvin-mouse had chewed right through the package and was helping himself to a snack!